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While many industries use courier services, certain industries are critically dependent on couriers for expedited same-day or less than 24-hour delivery on a daily basis. One of southeastern Louisiana’s premier providers of medical delivery services, QCS Logistics has served the medical community since 1984 and understands reliable delivery can directly impact the level of care that medical staff deliver and patients require.

Our technology-driven medical courier service helps to connect networks of healthcare facilities, streamlines service requests between pharmacies, labs and clinics, and ensures professional and reliable delivery of medical specimens, pharmaceuticals and supplies. We also pack specimens for air transportation to several national labs and deliver life-saving medications directly to patients’ homes. Watch our video to learn about our Gulf South Medical Courier Delivery Services.

We ensure the integrity of medical samples by our use of up-to-date technology to regulate the temperature of specimens and samples. This includes GPS monitoring and tracking, as well as bar code scanning to correctly log chain of custody. QCS’ temperature monitoring devices feature an alarm system to ensure your medical products or pharmaceutical supplies maintain their optimal temperature throughout the cold chain and the condition of items is consistently recorded. You’ll be able to track your vital specimens at all times through detailed online route reporting.

Most importantly, QCS’ medical couriers are certified through the Integrity Medical Courier training program in the safe and proper handling of specimens and medical records, including HIPAA Compliance and OSHA and HAZMAT regulations on the safe handling of blood-borne pathogens.

Our Medical Courier Delivery services include:

  • Emergency, STAT and routine delivery service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Diagnostic and infectious medical specimens
  • Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing
  • Blood products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IV Therapy Medication
  • X-Ray Films
  • Medical Records


AHF: AHF, a national pharmacy, uses QCS Logistics to provide expedited delivery services of highly sensitive and confidential medication on a daily basis. Each delivery requires a driver certified in medical transportation procedures and adherence to industry regulations. QCS was chosen because of its experience, use of best practices and 24/7 coverage.

Tulane Medical Center:  One of the leading hospitals in the New Orleans Metropolitan area, Tulane Medical Center has entrusted QCS to provide medical transportation services for its STAT and routine delivery needs. Our STAT fleet responds immediately to pick up labs or blood units to deliver these life critical items around the clock. Additionally, we customize a unique route schedule to meet the internal and external needs of each department to exceed patient care and satisfaction.


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